24 / 7 monitoring linktree

A simple linktree for all your important social links to be possible to reach by one simple page. Our 24 / 7 monitoring linktree will send you notification when one of your link or url go down. Link all your social medias and most important post on one effective link page.

Our Services

Live Uptime Monitoring

Our modern Linktree system is live monitoring your URL via HTTP requests. We are making sure all your websites and social post are online as they should and notify you by email when they are not. Our live monitoring system is an excellent way to build quality backlinks

Linking all your social medias and website on the same page

Linking all your websites, posts and social medias on the same page is an undeniable asset for your reachability. Oh, Manitou is making sure you are easy to reach by posting easy to reach URLs on multiple webpage.

Our pricing solutions are totally hassle-free

Our no subscriptions, no account needed format make it the simplest and cheapest linktree solution actually on the market. Here things are simple. Posting your links and URLs cost a unique fee starting from $18 going up to $28 with no recurring payments.

Helping you grow your blogs and channels

Oh Manitou help content creators around the world grow their business by giving them more online exposure.

The key to success online is exposure, by prioritizing link building leading to your social medias and public channels, you amplify your chances of getting noticed by 100% for every link.

“The best part about OhManitou is that their solution is very simple and effective. Linking all my channel to Oh manitou have made it simple for me to send everything important from the same place. I use it as my “Web CV”.”

Warren Kale

Why Choose Us


We are passionate about what we do and it is important for us to deliver the best service to our customers


You will have your order processed in the best way possible. Our service is fast, secure and professional


Our support team is there for you 24 / 7 to solve all your problems

Get your professional monitored linktree today!

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